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Lab Design: Our Process

Our Process

  1. Schedule a free, no-pressure consultation
    Email or call (732) 919-3339.

  2. Meeting / Site Visit
    Free site visit or meeting via Skype or Facetime.  We work around your schedule.  Day or night.

  3. Proposal Development
    After the initial meeting, our team will create a customized proposal that with you and your application in mind.  We provide your proposal within 72 hours. The following is a basic structure of each custom lab proposal we built for our clients:
    1. Situation Appraisal
    2. Objectives
    3. Metrics
    4. Value
    5. Methodology
    6. Timing
    7. Joint accountabilities
    8. Terms and Conditions


  4. What to Expect (Project Start to Finish)
    After an agreement is made, our team will work to efficiently and effectively complete you project.
    • Expect Speed
      1. Timelines are clearly explained and understood
      2. Honesty and transparent communication is given in real time throughout the process
      3. Fast responses via phone, text, or email
    • Expect Minimal Disruption
      1. We work around your schedule
    • Expect Control
      1. We are available day and night
      2. We work till the end user is satisfied
      3. Change the plan to meet your needs along with experts to show you how

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