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Alltest does it right in today’s environment; they’ve earned my trust with great customer service (both pre and post sales), stocking a near limitless inventory of quality equipment (so I can get it tomorrow) and spot-on pricing. they are my go-to shop.

Peter W.

I have purchased a handful of thermal chambers from Alltest with excellent results. They have provided over the phone help when I was having programming problems and they will make any modifications that I ask for saving me the trouble of making the same mods but without the tools and experience that Alltest has. I get responses to my requests by the next morning at the latest. They are my first stop. I will use them again.

Daniel S.

Over the last year I have bought a thermal shock chamber and a helium leak detector, both of which required refurbishment. When I went to pick up the equipment, they were both first demonstrated to me. All my questions were answered and all my issues were resolved before I loaded up and left. Service after the sale was excellent with immediate response. And lastly, the price was right. I plan on doing more business with them in the future. Very nice people!

John M.

Proudly serving small businesses and major enterprises alike.

Recent Project: 

MIL STD 461 RF testing laboratory build

  1. Consultation
  2. Site visit
  3. Plan based on MIL STD 461
  4. Proposal sent and accepted
  5. PO placed
  6. Chamber built, equipment installed
  7. Training provided